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Since their time is precious, our clients mandate us to manage their investments. We develop an investment policy in keeping with their personal objectives and investment experience. You too will benefit from a diversified portfolio and discretionary, affordable, tax-optimized portfolio management. No in-house products, no conflict of interest: just sound, impartial advice.


Whether at the peak of their career or in the middle of their retirement, our clients lead active lives. This is why we build each of them a global action plan that includes both accumulation and optimum withdrawal strategies, as well as personalized recommendations, specific actions and a timeline. Just like our investors, you will appreciate our ability to simplify complicated concepts related to retirement, investments, taxation, insurance, intergenerational wealth transfer and estate planning.


Investors with a plan developed by an advisor have consistently better results than those whose emotions dictate their decisions. This is why we meet regularly with our clients to update their financial projections and monitor the progress made. We can also work with you to find the right balance to meet your short-term challenges and achieve your long-term goals.


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