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Notre histoire

Our History

Gagné Johnston Private Wealth was founded by Hélène Gagné and Linda Johnston, who began their careers in 1985 and 1989 respectively. Their primary objective has always been to act in the best interests of their clients, with values focused on independence to ensure impartial financial advice. Hélène and Linda have been pioneers in the industry, earning a reputation for excellence and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Hélène Gagné - Indépendante d'esprit - Finance et investissement

Finance et investissement, novembre 2015

Sharing the same investment philosophy and values, Patrick Racicot joined the group in 2020 with the avowed aim of taking over. Patrick previously worked for one of Canada's largest corporate pension plans, where he was actively involved in building and managing a portfolio worth over $18 billion. He quickly took over the management of our clients' portfolios and became a majority shareholder in 2022. In this way, the Group continues to pursue its mission while maintaining the investment philosophy and independence that are at the heart of our practice and values.


Patrick Racicot leaves one of Canada's largest corporate pension plans to join Gagné Johnston , with the avowed aim of taking over its management.


The second edition of Votre retraite crie au secours by Hélène Gagné is launched

Livre: Votre retraite crie au secours



Linda is named Certified International Wealth Manager, becoming the first woman in Quebec and the second in Canada to earn this prestigious title.


Publication of Maximisez votre capital retraite, Hélène's first book


Linda joins PEAK Financial Group


Linda begins her career in financial consulting and investment


Patrick becomes a partner of Gagné Johnston Private Wealth


Hélène Gagné and Linda Johnston join forces under the banner Gagné Johnston Private Wealth (PEAK Securities)


Hélène joins PEAK Securities


Linda is nominated as a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute.


Hélène was one of the first financial advisors in Canada to build her portfolios with exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and to adopt a fee-based rather than commission-based approach.


Hélène begins a collaboration with Transcontinental (Les Affaires newspaper and Affaires Plus magazine) that will last nearly 30 years.

Hélène débute une collaboration avec Transcontinental (journal Les Affaires et magazine Affaires Plus) qui s’étendra sur près


Hélène makes her investment debut in Quebec City

Our Team

Notre équipe

We work with a limited number of families, which enables us to offer you the exceptional service for which we are renowned. Every member of our team gives you the time and attention you need.

Comité de placement

Investment Committee

While day-to-day portfolio management is carried out in-house, we have an advisory investment committee that combines the expertise of external portfolio managers with our own. In this way, we aim to maintain the superior quality of our private wealth management product and service offering.


Meeting on a quarterly basis, the committee examines such issues as :

  • Comparative performance of our portfolios vs. the industry ;

  • New trends in product and service offerings ;

  • Review of tax optimization strategies ;

  • Economic outlook.

Patrick Racicot

Patrick Racicot,


Portfolio Manager attached to PEAK Securities Inc. Holder of the CFA® designation, an MBA specialized in investment management from Concordia University and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from McGill University.

Gaétan Lebrun

Portfolio Manager and Associate Branch Manager at PEAK Securities Inc. / Financial Planner and Financial Security Advisor at Lussier Inc.

Gino Gauthier

Gino Gauthier,


Portfolio manager (attached to PEAK Private Wealth), Financial security advisor (services offered through Gagné, Morin and Associates R.-D.-L. inc. )

Services to our investors

Patrick Racicot sur LinkedIN

Patrick Racicot, who took over from Hélène and Linda at Gagné Johnston Private Wealth, is a portfolio manager and holds the CFA® designation, one of the most prestigious professional designations in finance. He also holds an MBA specializing in investment management from Concordia University and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from McGill University. With more than 15 years' experience in investment, his diversified professional background means that he is very familiar with the workings of the various players in our industry.


Prior to joining Gagné Johnston Private Management, he worked for one of Canada's largest corporate pension plans, where he was involved in selecting investments and building a portfolio of over C$18 billion. In addition to being the principal client advisor, Patrick is also responsible for the development and execution of our investment strategy.

Photo - Loïc Poupart 225x225.jpg

Loïc Poupart holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from HEC Montréal and the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation. He holds the position of Investment Analyst on our team. Having started his career at PEAK's head office, he possesses a solid knowledge of operations and offers outstanding customer service.


Rigorous and highly organized, he is responsible for supporting our team in the planning and execution of investment strategies, while ensuring the improvement of internal processes and customer services.

Serviceset relations clients
Patrick Racicot

PEAK's internal experts

Experts internes
Patrick Racicot sur LinkedIN
Les Spécialistes PEAK

In our day-to-day operations, our team is supported by a multitude of specialists from the PEAK team, whether for ;


  • Settling an estate,

  • Integrating a new client,

  • Issuing tax slips,

  • Ensuring that all regulatory obligations are met; particularly in relation to your investment objectives,

  • Manage computer systems and the PEAK portal to which our investors have access,

  • And a host of other services involving, for example, administration, transaction execution, marketing, human resources, etc.


Who is PEAK? Our portfolio management services are overseen by PEAK Securities, an independent, full-service investment dealer and part of the PEAK Financial Group. The group administers over $14 billion, making it the largest network of independent advisors in Canada.

Independent external experts
A network of trusted specialists at your fingertips

Experts externes
Experts externes indépendants

To meet the diverse needs and complex requirements of our customers, we have established relationships with reliable professional consultants from a variety of disciplines and industries. Our network of professionals is at your disposal.


  • Tax and accounting professionals: Expertise in Canadian taxation, particularly as it relates to business owners and the tax issues they face: business succession and purchase/sale, divorce, death, post-mortem planning, asset protection and investments in Canada by non-residents.

  • Mortgage broker: For new mortgages or mortgage renewals, this specialist is available 7 days a week, day and night. She can arrange a meeting by video-conference or in person to help you balance work and family.

  • Notary: This lawyer-turned-notary specializes in real estate law, estate law, personal law and agricultural law.

  • Notary for entrepreneurs with corporations: This professional specializes in commercial and corporate transactions (business start-ups, business transfers, mergers, acquisitions, etc.) and business partner relations (shareholder agreements, key employee agreements, succession integration strategies, option plans, etc.).

The founders

Hélène Gagné

Before ceasing her professional activities, Hélène Gagné was a Fellow of the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec. She was a portfolio manager, financial planner and financial security advisor. Her opinions were regularly sought by the print and electronic media. Hélène is the author of two books on investing and retirement, including Votre retraite crie au secours (Transcontinental Ed., 2015). 

Hélène Gagné

Before ceasing her professional activities, Linda Johnston was a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. She was a portfolio manager, financial planner and financial security advisor. Linda was the first woman in Quebec to earn the international Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) designation, recognizing her skills in finding optimal solutions to the complex situations of affluent investors.

Les fondatrie
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