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Simplicity and efficiency with discretionary management

gestion discrétionnaire

Discretionary management, often referred to as "private management", is a relatively exclusive service in Canada, since fewer than 5% of the 60,000 people authorized to give you financial advice have the requisite portfolio manager* designation. Yet it can simplify your finances enormously, with significant benefits. What's more, the majority of portfolio managers are attached to one or other of the brokerage firms owned by the major Canadian banks. We therefore consider ourselves privileged to be able to offer you a discretionary, independent portfolio management service.

Gestion de portefeuille discrétionnaire et indépendante

Why is it relatively exclusive?

The title of portfolio manager meets the most rigorous training and professional experience criteria, making it one of the most difficult titles to obtain in our industry.

How does it simplify my finances?

Using parameters established with you in advance and in writing, you entrust us with the responsibility of making investment decisions to the best of our knowledge, based on your objectives and the level of risk you're comfortable with. Think of yourself as a CEO and us as a member of your management team who executes your vision and reports back on the results.


It's simpler for you, because you no longer have to provide verbal authorization before each transaction. It's more efficient for your portfolio, because we can act very quickly and at the same time for all our customers. But that's not all - there are many other benefits too. 

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