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Processus traquilité

Reassuring process

Our "4-step peace of mind" process will help you retire when you decide to, feel confident that you can spend without running out of money, not pay taxes unnecessarily, and leave a generous inheritance if you wish. Once you've gone through our process, you'll feel more confident about your finances and sleep well at night, even during stock market crisis!

No one can relieve you of the responsibility for your family's financial success, but having a plan managed by a competent team can relieve you of much of the anxiety and worry involved.

Peace of mind in 4 steps

1. Listen and understand

Étape 1: Écouter et comprendre

Our aim is to understand and document everything about your financial life and identify opportunities for improvement.


2. Plan

Étape 2: Planifier

We work with you to set financial goals based on your priorities, then develop a personalized plan to help you achieve them.


3. Optimize

Étape 3: Optimiser

You'll benefit from a diversified, tax-optimized, low-cost portfolio based on our proven management philosophy. When you retire, you'll have a disbursement strategy to avoid unnecessary taxes and make the most of your retirement.


4. Execute and adapt

Étape 4: Éxécuter et adapter

The next step is to put your financial plan and new portfolio in place, and to monitor it constantly to measure progress. As your life circumstances change, we adapt the plan, often within previously established parameters.


"Even if we explained precisely what to do and when to do it, many investors simply wouldn't get the same results. It's good to have a plan, but the key is in the execution."

- Patrick Racicot

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