Dear investor,

As a subscriber to PEAK's electronic documents, we would like to remind you that the majority of your tax statements will NOT be mailed to you and will only be available on your PEAK portal: by March 31, 2020.


How to access the portal:

  • Use your usual username and password

  • Click “Tax Forms” on the right of your screen. By accessing the tax documents page, year 2019 will appear by default

If you have a non-registered account:

  • The “T3 Letters” will give you the list of positions for which a tax slip will be issued by March 31, 2020

The only documents for non-registered accounts that will NOT be available on the portal are:

  • Tax documents issued by mutual fund companies (including issuers of high interest accounts) that were mailed to you directly by them;

  • The capital gains/losses report which will be sent by email given the late date on which it will become available. We can also mail it upon request.


Lastly, some tax slips won’t be available until the end of March; therefore to avoid having to amend your tax returns, make sure you have received all your tax documents before submitting them to your accountant.


As always we remain available for any questions!



Hélène Gagné                          

Linda Johnston

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