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With you for almost 40 years!

Who are we?

A team of highly qualified independent professionals who have your family's financial interests at heart, from saving for your children's education to managing your business or family trust.

We offer a turnkey wealth management service, and our service goes far beyond managing your investments. We support you in making important financial decisions, from renewing your mortgage to planning your children's inheritance.

Who are our clients?

Successful individuals who, due to lack of time or energy, see added value in delegating the management of their investments to professionals. In this way, they avoid the typical and unfortunately all-too-frequent mistakes made by independent investors, while gaining peace of mind.

With us, they benefit from a high-performance, diversified, tax-optimized, low-cost portfolio based on our proven and recognized management philosophy. When they retire, they have a disbursement strategy to avoid unnecessary taxes and make the most of their money.

In addition to managing their portfolios, our mission is to help our investors be organized, understand the issues, avoid mistakes, pay less taxes and fees; thus maximizing the value of their hard-earned money."

- Patrick Racicot, MBA, CFA


Dedicated team giving you all the time you need

Équipe dédiée vous consacrant tout le temps nécessaire

We work with a limited number of families, which enables us to offer the exceptional service for which we are renowned.


Each member of our team can give you the time and attention you need to answer all your questions.

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Indépendance & impartialité

Since we are remunerated by our investors and not by the issuers of the products used, we have no conflict of interest in the choice of investments. What's more, our broker does not own or market any in-house products, unlike the brokerage firms of the major Canadian banks (source).
We have access to virtually every financial instrument available, and are free to recommend those that are most advantageous for you.


Expertise on retirement

Expertise sur la retraite

You don't manage your investment portfolio in retirement the same way you did during your savings and accumulation years.


Over the years, we have developed an expertise in retirement. One of our founders has written two books on the subject, including "Votre retraite crie au secours".

Livre Votre retraite crie au secours


Frais transparents

No hidden fees, no commissions, no production quotas.


We are remunerated by management fees that are clear, visible, agreed in advance in writing, paid directly by our clients on a monthly basis and established according to the value they entrust to us.

(Read more).


Highly qualified professionals

Professionnels hautement qualifiés



Each client deals directly with a portfolio manager.

This designation meets the highest education and professional experience standards in Canada and is therefore among the most difficult to obtain in our industry.

(Read more).

Lower product fees by using ETFs
(Exchange-Traded Funds)

Frais réduits avec l'utilisation de FNB

In order to dramatically reduce our clients' costs, we advocate an index-based approach using mainly ETFs.

We've developed an expertise in ETFs, 
as we've been using ETFs for over 20 years!


This approach, widely used in the U.S., is gaining in popularity in Canada

(Read more).


What our investors are saying:

"I have been with the firm for over 20 years and I have full confidence in Patrick since he took care of my investments. In addition to the expertise and experience required, I feel that he listens to my needs. Patrick has soft skills that makes each of our meetings pleasant. In short, he is a very good advisor!"

Maurice Chiasson,

Lawyer and consultant in strategic and organizational management



It is a proven fact that investors with a plan have better results. Once you will have gone through our 4-steps process, you will feel more confident about your finances and sleep well at night, even during stock market downturns!

Time spent worrying - ANGLAIS.JPG

Developed over many years, our investment philosophy is based on academic research as well as decades of data, facts and results. So we don't invest based on rumors, hunches or predictions from so-called experts. Our goal is to put the odds in your favor, so that you can maximize your portfolio's return according to your needs and the fluctuations you're willing to tolerate.


To further simplify your finances, we are privileged* to be able to offer you a discretionary portfolio management service, also known as Private Wealth.

Using parameters established with you in writing, you entrust us with investment decisions based on your objectives and the level of risk you're comfortable with. It is simpler for you, because you no longer have to provide verbal authorization before each transaction. It is more efficient for your portfolio, because we can act quickly and at the same time for all our clients.


*In Canada, less than 5% of people authorized to give you financial advice are portfolio managers.

Solid protections

Our portfolio management services are overseen by PEAK Securities, a full-service independent broker-dealer and part of the PEAK Financial Group. The group administers over $14 billion, making it the largest network of independent advisors in Canada.

PEAK Securities applies the highest standards of capital protection, is registered with the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) and is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). As a result, your investments have the same protection as those held with brokerage firms affiliated with the major Canadian banks.

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